Where do you start?

Create a  Stripe account for your restaurant.

Connect your Stripe account to your Hostme account by following these steps: 

Go to Admin Panel –> Reservations –> Deposits & Fees –> Connect. 

Once connected, set up the charge criteria and amount. You have two options to choose from for how you want this to work: “Deposit” or “Cancellation Fee” mode.

In “Deposit” mode, your customers will be charged instantly at the time the reservation is made. 

In “Cancellation Fee” mode, guests will be charged only if their reservation is cancelled within a certain number of hours (specified by you in the criteria) prior to the reservation time.

Note: If the reservation is cancelled by you or your customer in the system prior to the cancellation “deadline,” the cancellation fee will not apply.

Watch the detailed video on how to start receiving deposits or charges for cancellations here:

Here's how guests will be able to pay a deposit on your online reservation page:

Learn how to work with a deposit or cancellation fee in the Hostme panel once you are set up.

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