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Sell your tables online

Yes, now you can allow customers to select a particular table from the floor map and you can set different deposit amounts. Like in an airplane. 

For example, you can sell tables closer to the scene or with a better view at a higher price. You can still also charge per group size.

Decrease no-shows for your best tables now!

Learn more about how to enable this: http://help.hostmeapp.com/how-to-for-owners-and-administrators/sell-your-tables-online

Your visitors stay yours

Many of our customers were asking for this, and here it is:

Now you can allow your customers to make a booking, using an advanced and simple Hostme widget, without the need to leave your website.

Our reservation widget will pop up on the same page and will keep your customer on your website, once it’s closed.

Learn more about how to enable this: http://help.hostmeapp.com/set-up-your-restaurant-at-hostme/how-to-add-the-reservation-or-waitlist-widget-to-your-website


Now you can set the colors of your reservation page, widget and emails, as well as delete the Hostme logo by yourself.

Here are examples of how this can look:

Learn more about how to enable this: http://help.hostmeapp.com/how-to-for-restaurant-managers-servers-and-host/custom-branding-and-colors

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