The Hot summer season has already crossed the equator, but we keep working hard on upgrading our features and the features you have requested.

Admin Panel Update

We were constantly developing many settings and abilities. This occasionally made it difficult to find these updates, and understand how everything new works. So with this update, we aimed to re-organize settings in a clearer way, renaming some of them and adding helpful hints.

Please, check out our new Admin Panel structure and settings hints. To read the hint, just tap on the question mark near the particular setting:

Manually Track Creators/Editors

When the setting is switched on, all users including hosts, managers, servers will be able to claim their activity when they add or edit walk-ins and reservations. This can be set as a required or optional step. The information will be available in the guest’s reservation or seating card in the Host panel. This will create a history, example: “John created”, “Kate edited the reservation” will be shown in the customer card.

Easily Adjust Reservation Duration

Now when creating new reservation, or seating a party, you have the flexibility to select tables that are being held for a reservation, which the duration time overlaps. This is helpful, for example, if you have a reservation at 6PM, but you have a party that could be sat at that table at 5:05PM at that table, rather than leaving it open waiting for the 6PM guest for the hour duration that is set. You’ll see the tables as grey as usual, but with a “clock” icon. That means you can select this table, and the duration time of the reservation you create will be automatically adjusted. You’ll be notified about this in the notification bar below.

You can still change the party duration time manually on the previous step.

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