Step 1. Go to the servers view.

Step 2. Tap on the icon on the top right.

Step 3. Add server's name and invite them to join the panel via email.

Step 4. Create zone.

Type zone name -- for example: lounge, window, bar, corner, or other.

Select tables related to the zone and choose zone availability. Confirm.

Step 5. Assign a server to the table(s)

There are two ways that you can do this.

Variant 1. You can tap on any table. If the table has colored chairs, it means it's assigned to someone already -- but you still can change the assignee. Simply tap on the other server and the table will be reassigned.

Variant 2. You can first tap on a server from the list, then select the tables you want to assign to the server, and then confirm the changes.

Step 6. Assign zone(s)

Tap on any zone. If it was already assigned to someone, you'll see the checkmark near the server. Reassigning is simple: just tap on the other server. Changes are saved instantly. 

Step 7. Check server's availability

You can check a server's availability and assignment status on the right info panel. Availability is counted as a percentage of tables that are currently served by the staff member in relation to the total number of assigned tables.
0%  – Free
1%–50%  – Busy (1 bar)
51%–99%  – Busy 100 (2 bars)
100% – Overloaded (3 bars)

Staff are happy – guests are, as well!

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