Reservations Grid View

The new reservation management layout is here just for you. 

The new view allows you to quickly see available time slots. By default, it shows the availability for a party of 2 people. You can select an available time slot and add a new party from here. It also gives you a unique view of how busy your restaurant will be during the day. Try it for yourself by opening the reservations tab in the host panel, then switching the view on the bottom.

Deposit Management

Many of you have already enjoyed the ability to accept deposits online or use the cancellation fee feature. We know, sometimes it was not easy to make a refund, understand how much was refunded, etc.

We’ve added many new controls that make it easier now to manage deposits. You can send a link to where the customer can enter their card details. You can enter the customer’s credit card right in the reservation wizard. Try it in the reservation wizard:

Coming soon: "Ability to remind customers to pay for deposits."

History Logs

Want to know what happened with certain reservations? When was the refund made? How did the party size increase and why are there more tables now for the reservation?

Now you can get the answer with our new history logs for each reservation. Just tap the “history” button: 

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