Recently we have released a very important update on server management in Hostme. 

What has changed?

Basically, we are making it more convenient to assign servers. Rather than assigning them each time to a table is seated in a server’s section, you can now just pre-assign all servers to zones. Then when guests are seated at a table, hosts just need to pick a server from the list of servers in that zone or let them be assigned by the auto-assignment rotation rules you set.


To start assigning servers to a seated groups, you need to change the settings in the Admin Panel. Go to settings -> floor rules and change the setting to “Manually assign servers to a seating group”.

Once the setting is switched “on” you can assign servers to seated groups in or outside their zones. 

Rotation and load

From now on, the server rotation will be easier to manage because  rotating only takes place within predetermined zones. 

How to rotate servers across the floor only? 

Just use one zone for the whole floor. 

We’ve also added a new server management tab to the floor view, so you can always track where your servers are, and their load, on the same screen. 

While the rotation rules still work within the zone, the load of a server is calculated based on real-time table assignments, even if someone is serving a table that is not from their main zone.

Do you think this should work differently? Share your thoughts with us in our Facebook Group.

What else do we plan to add?

Many of you have already asked us to incorporate the following functionality into server management:

The ability to:

  • Assign servers to a table instead of a zone
  • Quickly change tables in zones
  • Have zones for different days that won’t overlap.

If you have any other suggestions, please write us back. If you want to be a part of important changes that affect upcoming releases, please join our exclusive playground version. To join the playground (beta) version to provide us with crucial  feedback - you need to join our Facebook Community or request the access from the support team.

Dashboard (Alpha)

In the dashboard you can quickly:

  • Reset server rotation
  • Unseat all tables
  • Restrict online reservations until the end of the day

Reservly yours,
Hostme Team

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