Table Swap - grilled on a quick resolving system and spiced with a seating optimization interface. 

1. Yes, just tap on a table, hold for a bit, then drag and drop it on a table you want to swap with. 

We didn’t just develop this particular ability, but the quick resolving system as well. 

What does it mean?

When you drag and drop tables and it results in some small (or big) conflicts - like overlapping with the next reservation, or the number of guests is more than the tables available - Hostme will let your host know about it and will show them quick options for resolving the conflict. It’s a real help for your floor management.

2. Optimize reservation seating for your days moving forward.

If you’d like to optimize your seating for the upcoming day, or any in the future, you can also drag and drop reservation cards from the right side panel onto the floor map.

Here’s how to do that:

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