Step 1. To set your restaurant, go to the admin panel.

If you own several restaurants or a chain, there's no need to create additional accounts. Just add a new restaurant and you can switch between them later.

Note: Now you're in the admin panel. As soon as you're set and ready to start using Hostme, just tap on the green button "Go to Host Panel".

Step 2. Go to the general settings tab

Step 3. Add information about your restaurant. 

Make it public, so guests can easily find your address and contact number in online reservations, or in the email they receive automatically.
Currently, logo and social links are not published, but we're going to add features with it in the future -- stay tuned! 

Step 3. Scroll down the page and edit opening hours.

Step 4. Scroll up and save changes.

Learn how to:
Set up reservations
Set up waitlists
Create floor map
Add hosts and managers to your restaurant

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