Step 1. Go to the "Reservation" tab in the admin panel

Step 2. Basic setup

2.1. Start by setting up the basic parameters of your reservation -- like time slots and number of guests. These settings are very different for each restaurant, so choose yours.

Save the changes.

2.2. Scroll down the page a bit, and check the settings that will help you and your guest to be reminded about the reservation. When the toggle "request confirmation from a customer" is switched on, your guests will receive a reminder that asks them to inform you about changes. So, if there are no changes, you don't have to ask them to inform you, but... you can edit the message down.

2.3. Set the reservation hours.
Scroll down to the section for "Reservation Hours" and choose the "from" and "until" times that are available for reservations. Tap on the slots and choose the time from the drop-down options.

Step 3. Advanced setup

3.1 Covers settings

In this section, you can:
Limit the number of covers available for reservation.

If you limit the number of reservations, you can still give your guests an option to reserve their names on a walk-in list by using Hybrid mode. This will ensure that when they arrive, they will be first in line for a table. This mechanism allows patrons to escape long lines and restaurants to fill up their tables more effectively. 

When you enable integration with your waitlist, all reservations in 'Hybrid' mode will be automatically placed on the waitlist to ensure that when customers arrive, they will be first in line for a table.

Use "Cover turn over" settings to predict when the table will become available.

Don't forget to save your changes. Scroll up the page and tap on the "Save" button.

3.2. Additional table statuses
This option allows you to adjust the prediction for when the table will be available by setting up approximate times when people ordered dessert or haven't paid a bill yet. Use your own statuses that can help you to predict when the table will be available. 

Switch the toggle, tap the slider, hold and scroll horizontally to change the % of time passed to table availability.

Don't forget to save your changes. Scroll up the page and tap on the "Save" button.

Learn more about additional table statuses.

3.3. Status Messages

These messages are sent to your clients via email, SMS, or a message in the app. We've already pre-set two status messages for your restaurant. 

Add new status message.

Use these markings: {Restaurant} {ReservationDateTime} and {ReservationTime} to make messages related to concrete reservations. Choose the logic that will trigger status messages to your clients.

For example, choose from "scheduled" to "canceled" and message your clients with something like "We regret that you've canceled your reservation. You're very welcome to come next time!"

3.4. Online reservation page and website widget.

We generate a unique reservation page for your restaurant, which you can share on social networks or in offline promo materials. 

Here's what the online reservation page of your restaurant looks like.

Scroll down the reservation setting page and open the link to your page. Copy and share!

We also have a widget that you can add to your website and accept reservations from there.

To add the widget to your website, follow these steps:

  • Open the page where the Hostme reservation widget will be hosted
  • Choose vertical or horizontal widget layout, copy the widget code from the reservation page in the Hostme admin panel
  • Paste into your HTML in the place where your want the widget to appear
  • Save and publish!

If you want to add a widget to your Wix website or Facebook page, read one of the following articles:
How to add widget to a Wix website,
How to add widget to a Facebook page.

We wish you more reservations!

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