Tip: if you already have a plan of your restaurant or cafe, place it near you and start. 

Step 1.  Go to the "Floor" section in the menu and then tap on the "Create floor plan" button.

Using a demo floor will add our demo floor plan, so if you're starting with a real restaurant, go with your own plan.

Step 2. Create a layout of your space using "Walls and Misc."

This step will help you better see your floor and then you can add tables.

You can use these tools to add a bar, windows, columns, leave space for entrance, etc. 

2.1. Scale objects by dragging one of the transform controls around the object.

2.2. Use the outside control to rotate object.

2.3. Tap on the other object and move to the drawing area. For example, we've got columns and want to place two of them in the middle. Build your own plan.

If you want to delete an object, select it and tap the "Delete" button on the right.

Step 3. Add tables, edit, copy.

Just like with Walls and Misc., you can drag a square or round table and drop it on your map. The same controls to scale and rotate walls are available for tables.

3.1. Add your first table by using drag and drop.

3.2. Choose the number of seats on the table. 

3.3. If you don't want to accept online reservations from guests for that exact table, switch off the option. You and your staff will still be able to reserve that table.

3.4. If you just want people to book the table with a minimum number of guests needed for online reservation, you can also select that option on the right panel. Optimize your seats.

This option works only for reservations booked online by guests via the reservation page, widget or Hostme mobile app. You and your staff will be able to book for any number of guests.

3.5. Copy tables to create your floor faster.

Step 4. Manage areas

4.1. Tap on "Areas and Tops" 

4.2. Add or delete area tags that are associated with that floor. Areas is a priority where a client prefers to be seated; it's not associated with zones for servers or other floors.

4.3. Add or delete table sizes, which can be created using comma-separated values. Yes, currently it's not clear, but you need to adjust the restaurant table size settings here, in the Area and Tops tab, and only then can you create the tables.

Step 5. How to create a bar

5.1. Add a round table and choose table size "1". 

Sorry this doesn’t work obviously right now, we're going to add bar chairs and more items in the upcoming updates. Stay tuned. 

5.2. Copy bar chairs to add more and to create the bar on your map.

Step 6. Manage floors

6.1. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right. 

6.2. Edit the name of your main floor.

6.3. Add a new floor by tapping on the "+" icon.

6.4. Save changes by tapping the "Confirm" button.

This tutorial may seem a bit complicated, so if you have questions, please ask us. We're always ready to help you!

Happy editing!

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