Step 1. Go to the "Waitlist" tab in the admin panel

On this page, you can manage Hostme Guest app settings (available in the App Store and Google Play) and email/SMS messages that should be sent to your clients, depending on their status.

Step 2. Send status- and position-based messages

These messages are sent to your clients via email, SMS or in-app message. We've already pre-set 6 status-based messages and one position-based message for your restaurant. 

2.1. You can edit the text of your messages, but we recommend that you keep them as it is. Either way, it's up to you. 

2.2. Add a new message. Tap on the "Add new" button.

Choose the logic that will trigger messages to your clients. Add text. Use the {RestaurantName} marking to mention your restaurant's name.

Don't forget to scroll the page up and save your changes.

Step 3. Manage Hostme Guest app settings

We know that our current app is far from perfect, and we are working on the new version. The current app is available in stores, so your clients can use it. 

Read the following settings to manage this interaction with clients.

If you allow customers to get in line using a mobile app, they can place their names on a restaurant's waitlist remotely using the Hostme Guest mobile app.

If you allow customers to use the "Put on Hold" option, they can skip their turn in the virtual line until they are ready to walk back to the restaurant. For instance, if a customer was called by the host while they were just in the middle of shopping.

Limit the time for how long customers can hold their positions in the line before getting off the list.

Don't forget to scroll the page up and save your changes.

Don't make them wait again!

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