In Hostme, there are four user roles who can manage the restaurant:

  • Owner – Can do everything in the system.
  • Manager – Can't delete owner or restaurant. Can add restaurants.
  • Host – Can't manage restaurant settings or be assigned to tables. Can manage reservations, waitlists, tables, guestbook, servers and all features in the main Hostme panel.
  • Server – Same functionality as host, but can be assigned to tables.  Learn how to add and manage servers.

How to add hosts and managers

Step 1. Go to the "Users" tab in the Hostme admin panel

Step 2. Tap "Add new"

Step 3. Choose the role

Step 4. Type email address and tap the "Invite" button.

Step 5. Your host or manager is now added to the list with the name "Invited". You may cancel or send the invitation email again.

Step 6. After the invitation is accepted, the name will be changed from the status "Invited" and you can only delete the host/manager.

Have a good team!

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