There're several spaces of how you can add a reservation in Hostme. 

Version 1. Add a reservation step by step

Step 1. Tap on the reservation button on the right side of the top toolbar and select "New reservation"

Step 2. Pick the group size

Step 3. Pick the date

Step 4.  Select time slot. 

Step 4.1. Set booking duration. By default, the duration is set to the table turnover time for the group size. This value affects time slot availability, because the system is trying to find the required number of tables available during this time.

Step 4.2. Select time slot. Select an available time slot from the list of all slots within the selected time window. If all time slots are disabled, it means that the restaurant is fully booked for this time. You can try to reduce the booking duration or move the time window to an earlier or later time.

Step 5.  Select tables.

If table auto-selection setting is switched on the system will auto-select available table(s) to seat the group and skip to the next tab. You can accept this default selection or change it. 

Step 5.1 Select floor

Step 5.2 Select tables
When the required number of tables to accommodate the group are selected, tap "Guest" to move to the next step.

Tip: Tap on the clock icon to view reservation times on the time slot.

Step 6. Add the guest's name to the reservation

Step 6.1. Search for a guest by name or phone number. Start typing the guest's name or phone number. If the guest is found in the Hostme system, pick the correct one and add more information about the guest or complete the reservation. If no guests are found with that name or phone number, add him/her as a new one.

Step 6.2  Add guest information. This is the last step, where the host can capture all available information about the guest, such as name, phone number, allergy, type of event, special requests, and notes. Only the name field is required for the guest card.

Finish the reservation!

Tip: You can save your entry or edits and finish the process of adding new parties or reservations as soon as you see the orange checkmark on the top right. That symbol means you’re not required to add more details, but you can if you wish.

Step 7. Deposit or cancellation fee. If you manage deposits with Hostme + Stripe integration, then you also can add manually or confirm pre-set deposit.

Version 2. Select date and time and quickly add a reservation

Select date and time from the main host screen. -> Pick a table you'd like to reserve. -> Select "New Reservation". Now you got pre-filled reservation. Edit and complete.

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