Hostme allows you to set up website widgets in seconds with a simple html code that you can copy and paste into your website.

If your website is built on Wix or you want to add widget to your Facebook page, please read the following articles:

Online Reservations Widget

Go to the Admin Panel -> Reservations -> Online Availability. Scroll down and select the Layout. Copy the html, paste it into your website and you’re done! You can also select if you want your guest to be referred to your restaurant Hostme page or to complete the reservation right there, without leaving your website.

See how the widget works:


Use your Hostme public page and switch on the Get-in-Line Widget from the Admin Panel -> General Settings -> Public Profile. 

Check out how it looks for a guest:

Get-in-Line Website Widget

Let your customers get in line from your website. Simply copy and paste the widget code from the Admin Panel -> Waitlist and add it to your website. 

Check out the widget example:

Want to customize colors or delete the Hostme logo? Learn how.

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