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Cutoff time explained
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To set up your Cutoff time, go to Admin Panel -> Reservations -> Online reservations and set the cutoff time as per your needs.

How it works?

If you want to stop receiving reservations after a certain time for that day, this is the right setting for you. Cutoff time will disable all available slots after the time you've set and will apply only to the current day. It will also count minimum booking notice, so this is something that needs to be paid attention to.

For example, if your cutoff time is 12pm, and minimum booking notice 15 minutes, that means that the slots for that day will be closed at 11:45am until the end of the day.

This setting will apply to all the upcoming days, however the customers will be able to make reservations for tomorrow or any other date in the future after 12pm but won't be able to make a reservation after 12pm for the same day because cutoff applies only to the current day.


Cutoff time 9:15am, minimum booking notice 15 minutes:

8.57am - Slots are open

9am - slots are closed (minimum booking notice counted in)

Same setting for the day after - all slots will remain open until 9am (the day after)

However, tomorrow at 9am, the slots will again be closed for all the reservations for the current day.

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