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Limit access to your users by the role they have

How to add new users to Hostme account.

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Based on the role they have been assigned as a user in Hostme account, your staff can have limited or full access.

This is how you can set that up:

  • Go to Admin Panel -> Users

  • Click Add new button in the upper right corner of the screen

  • Type new user's email address and select a certain role that gives them access to the account based on the list below.

  • Users that have not accepted the email invitation yet will have a yellow and blue square in the Manage column.

User rights and authorization based on the assigned role:

We always suggest inviting users with their personal email addresses to prevent any unauthorized action in app settings and for better change tracking.

For security reasons, users with Owner role assigned can only be removed by our tech team upon submitting an official request through our customer support chat or email

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