Connecting your Poster account to Hostme
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If you are using Poster POS system and would like to connect it to your Hostme account in order to have a full restaurant management experience, below you can see a full explanation on how to do that.

We go to the marketplace in the Admin Panel - and click the connect button.

Then log in to your Poster account:

Go to Marketplace, find Hostme app and allow access, by clicking on Connect:

Once connected, go back to your Hostme account and select the level of synchronization:

Choose the options you want to sync with Poster:

You can adjust your settings here:

If you return to Poster, you will see an open Hostme application in the lower left corner while in the "All applications" section instead of "Connect" there will be an "Open" button.

You're all set. You can add new orders to your Poster and it will sync and appear on your Hostme account.

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