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How Hostme uses WIX contacts
How Hostme uses WIX contacts

Learn how to leverage Hostme integration with WIX to use contacts in WIX

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There is an option to enable Guest lookup from connected WIX contacts. You can turn it On\Off from Marketplace:

When "Guest Lookup" is On you will have the following benefits:

Guest lookup when adding a new booking.

Start typing guest name, email or phone number and guests details from your WIX contacts will appear on the screen. Hostme will pull the contacts from the WIX chat, submitted forms or registered members on your website.

You can see more details after clicking on any of these records:

Telephony integration.

If you have your telephony system integrated with Hostme, guest details will be pulled from WIX contacts by phone number.

Once you receive a call, a new popup window will appear in your Hostme app and will give you the option to enter a new reservation right from that window.

The system will then pull the contact details and a new popup window with the client's information will appear on the screen. Hosts can now proceed to adding a new reservation for that particular guest.

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