Open widget settings and adjust the following options:

Main settings

  • Restaurant ID: Unique restaurant or event identifier within the Hostme system

  • Language: Default language for widgets and booking flow

  • Preferred guest count: Default number of guests in widget

  • Type of widget: There are three options:

    • Reservation: Table booking

    • Waitlist: Online waitlist if enabled in Hostme

    • Delivery: Online ordering, if setup and enabled in Hostme

  • Guest selection required: Make number of guest selection required for guests

  • Date selection required: Make date selection required for guests

  • Time selection required: Make time selection required for guests

Layout settings

  • Layout: Choose from horizontal, vertical or button options

  • Adaptive: When turned On, all controls inside the widget will be adjusted when page width is changed

  • Color scheme: Choose between white or dark options

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