In order to set up the Waitlist feature for your restaurant, go to the Admin panel and click on Waitlist.

You should decide whether you want to enable the following options:

  • Call table automatically - Automatically call customers by sending an SMS when the table is assigned to a waitlisted party.

  • Table auto-assignment - If the setting is switched on, the Hostme algorithm will always assign the most optimal table in the preferred area. It can always be changed for a particular party.
    If switched off, the host will be required to decide where to sit each new guest party.

  • Average wait time timeframe - Set the default waiting time until the system starts to predict.

  • Estimated wait-time

You can choose between two options:

  1. Based on table availability - Based on the estimated availability of tables which will require assigning tables.

  2. Average wait time - Average waiting time for a group of the same size during a shift.

  • Show additionals when adding new waitlist party - System will offer additional options when adding a group on a waitlist

  • Adjust expected wait time automatically when a table is assigned - system will calculate wait time itself no matter what host quotes when adding someone to the waitlist

When it comes to setting up waitlist widget, that can be done by:

  • Enabling waitlist widget on Hostme Guest page

This is what the widget looks like:

  • enabling waitlist widget on your own website (you need to copy and paste HTML code to your website)

  • enabling Kiosk mode (usually used on tablets placed near the restaurant's entrance, so customers can add themselves to the waitlist)

This is what the Kiosk mode looks like:

  • Enabling direct link to the waitlist page

This is what the direct link to the waitlist page looks like:

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