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How to add Hostme waitlist widget to your website

Set up and customize your waitlist widget

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To find Hostme waitlist widget code, go to Admin panel -> Online tools -> Widgets.


  • Layout (Horizontal, Vertical, Button only)

  • Adaptive layout (If enabled, the widget will adapt depending on screen size. On smaller screens, it will have Button only layout)


    When it comes to advanced waitlist widget code customization, there are many additional features to choose from:

    • Color scheme (Default, dark, light)

    • Language

    • In place (If enabled - the widget will open as an overlay window on your website page. If disabled - the widget will open in a new tab related to Hostme Guest page)

    • Hide header (Remove header wording above the widget)


    Widget will have Vertical layout by default. You can also choose to have a Horizontal or Button only layout:

    • Vertical (default) layout

    • Horizontal layout

    • Button only layout

    • Direct link to waitlist

      This is how kiosk mode will appear:

      In order to add the widget to your website, you should simply copy the final HTML link and paste it to a relevant website component depending on your website design and planned layout.

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