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Can I add Hostme widget on Squarespace website?
Can I add Hostme widget on Squarespace website?
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Is there a way to incorporate my Hostme reservation widget on

Squarespace website?

The answer is yes, and the entire process isn't complicated at all.

You should follow these steps:

Step 1 - Create and collect Hostme widget code

Go to Admin panel -> Online tools -> Widgets -> Reservation widget.

You can decide on:

  • the layout of the widget (vertical/horizontal/button only)

  • language

  • preferred guest count

  • preferred area

  • whether this widget is being used for multiple locations

Make a copy of the HTML code (an example of the code is shown on the

screenshot below).

Step 2 - Insert widget code in your Squarespace site


  • On Squarespace's main admin page, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Code injection.

Place Hostme scripts in the header (as shown below).

Example of a script for online orders

Example of a script for waitlist

Example of a script for reservations

Example of a script for reservation button widget

Add a Squarespace element - "code" - for Hostme HTML/widget code

(as shown below).

DON'T select "Display Source".

Select "Apply".

In case you're experiencing difficulties with adding the widget to your website, contact us via the Hostme chat or send an email to:

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