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All the ways you can book a table in Hostme

Find out more about available reservation options in Hostme.

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There are different ways a guest can book a table:

Over the phone

When a guest calls to make a reservation, the host can make a new reservation from the Table Management panel by clicking on the "+" icon at the top right hand of the screen.

Then select New Reservation.

The host can also go to the Reservation Panel and select New Reservation on the bottom right-hand corner.

Follow the wizard. Select the number of guests:

Select the date and time:

The table step will be displayed based on your Floor rules settings.

Enter the guest's info. If they have been here before their name will pop up on the list and you can just select them from the list:

Confirm by clicking on the orange checkmark.

The new reservation can be seen on the Reservation panel:

On the reservation wizard, you can also select to capture a deposit (select the last box on the bottom right).

Or to select a specific table, click on the table selection at the bottom and then,

select the table.

Widget on your website

You can cut and paste the HTML widget code to your website. You can also use direct link to reservation page. Click here for detailed widget instructions and options.

An example of what the widget can look like on your website.

Link to Guest reservation page

You can add a link to your Instagram page, Facebook page or website to Hostme Guest page. Click here for detailed instructions.

Reserve with Google

You can also enable the Reserve with Google feature and have guest find the Reserve a table button right from the Google search result. Click here for detailed instructions.

Important: Reserve with Google may only be available in certain countries.

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