The Reservation Page for restaurants is an option for a landing page to market

the restaurant and accept reservations directly.

Restaurants can edit and customise their guest facing pages by using the Public Page option under the Online Tools tab.

There are links available at the top, to be copied and pasted easily for restaurants to share how they wish. There is a classic webpage as well as Instagram Layout option.

The profile section includes fields to customise the Reservation page information

and photos.

Under Profile, there are toggles to enable or disable the widgets for Reservation

and Waitlist for guests.

This is how it will look on the guest facing portion:

The next sections allows restaurants to link with import data from

Google and Foursquare.

It is pulling photos from Google and attaching any links to your other

social media profiles.

Lastly, the Services section will toggle on or off for different services and features of the restaurant with icons.

This is how it looks within the guest facing reservation page.

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