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Reservation Settings
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The reservation settings are customizable in the Settings under the Reservations Tab

Starting with Main Reservation Settings, where you will begin with the Manager Notifications. Here you will specify the Manager information and how and when you would like them to be notified of a reservation.

Next is the Special Request Options. Here you will see the Customizable icons, used to easily add to a reservation and the guest's information saved to the Guestbook.
These help the staff quickly identify guest requests and needs. Each icon can be toggled on or off, and will be able to be marked by guests with creating their online reservations, other than the VIP star icon, which will only be visible to the staff.

Do not forget to save your changes by clicking the save button in the bottom right of the screen.

The next tab under the Reservation Setting is the Online Reservation Settings

Here you will create the parameters for how you would like to process online Reservations. Under Mode, you will toggle between Auto-Approval or Manual Approval for the online reservation requests. If you would like the system to accept a reservation as long as there is availability, then toggle to the left, which will appear gray. Or you may choose Manual approval, which will be toggled to the right and appear orange.

Next is the Reservation Size settings. Choose the Minimum and Maximum number of guest you would like to accept within a party for online reservations. Guests will only be able to select parties within those parameters.

Along the right side are the settings for when reservations can be made in advance of the seating time.

Set the minimum time in advance of the requested time in minutes, and the maximum number of days out you will accept the reservation. You can accept up to a year in advance.

If you would like to set a specific time that requests need to be received the day before, you may use the Online Reservations Cutoff Time, and choose that time on the drop down.

Finally, the options for guests within the widgets. Here you can toggle on or off if you would like the guests to be able to make specific selections when making their reservation request online.

The final tab under the Reservation Settings is Deposits and Fees.

If you would like to enable these features, a Stripe account must be created and linked. This will easily and securely process guest credit card information.

Here is also where you enable these settings, and set the currency. There are basic settings within Hostme for how this will be controlled but can be further managed within the Stripe account.

The lower section is the Rules. Here you will control the restaurant's practice for charges, between Deposit or Cancelation Fee, by selecting the Charge Fee drop-down. When choosing a Deposit, you must also set the percentage to be refunded if the reservation is canceled by the staff.

If the restaurant would like to charge Cancelation Fees instead, choose Cancelation from the drop down. Here you will need to set the cut off times for a guest to cancel before they are charged.

Along the right side is the Group Sizes controls, where you can create and edit fees based on the number of guests within a party.

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