When can you use the Events feature?

  • When you're planning to organise an event such as Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, etc.

  • When you want to have different settings for certain time slots (brunch for example).

Events can be one-time-only or they can be recurring.

Take a look at our pricing plans here https://www.hostmeapp.com/pricing/

to find out more about event pricing.

If the event is recurring, you will set it up once and pay for it only once

(if your subscription doesn't offer free events).

How to set up an event?

Go to Admin panel -> Marketing -> Events.
Then, click on "Add new".

When it is ready, you can make an event active or you can keep it as a draft

until you're ready to make it public.

This is what you should set up next:

  • Event name

  • Description

  • Event date(s)

  • Event time (start-end)

Next, you should click on "Create".

This is the page that will appear next:

You will be able to set up:

  • Slot settings (slots that are in orange will be enabled).

  • Cover pacing (please refer to Cover Pacing article for more details).

  • Enable the option for the event to show up on your Guest page.

There is also a link to the Event page (you should click on the arrow to be transferred to it, as shown below).

If you would like to add the event link to your website or social media accounts,

you can simply copy and paste it. This is what your customers will see:

Next up is setting up floor plan. You can select one that you already have or you

can click on "Add new" and create a completely different floor plan than the one

you normally use.

You can also set up:

  • Default duration times for event online reservations.

  • Deposits and fees.

  • Reservation options.


1. If no regular reservations should be available on event day, exception should be added
2. If both type of reservations should be available on event day, it's important to have floor plans with different table numbers so that reservations wouldn't overlap

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