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How do Cover pacing exceptions work?

Set cover pacing exceptions for specific days of the week

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Cover pacing exceptions work best when used for specific days of the week in accordance with main cover pacing settings and timeslot availability. Note: Main cover pacing settings apply to all timeslots, days and floor plans.

For example, you'd like to pace more covers than set in main cover pacing setting within a specific timeframe on a specific day of the week.

Note: It works with days that are closed for online reservations, too. If a relevant weekday is closed, first set it as an Exception to be Open (orange toggle) in Admin panel -> Availability -> Hours -> Online reservation hours.


You offer happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays. You want to allow higher cover capacity than usual (12 for Friday and Saturday as opposed to 10 covers per timeslot in main cover pacing settings).


Go to Admin panel -> Availability -> Hours -> Cover pacing and scroll down the page.

Click Add new and set a maximum number of covers/guests you'd like to have in the timeslot range set on the right. Do not set cover pacing for each timeslot but start and end time instead - that will include timeslots in between.

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