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Setup preordering

You can give your customers the option to preorder their meal before arriving at your restaurant. Please keep in mind this option is only available in GRANDE plan.

This is how you can do it:

  • Go to Admin panel -> Ordering & Menu -> Ordering Settings

Below Delivery and Pickup options, you will find Preorder.

You need to:

  • Turn on the "Enable preorder service"

  • Select the menu from the dropdown (it will list all the menus you've created)

  • In case you want to require your customers to preorder, you need to enable the toggle "Is Required"

Note: for more information on how to add a menu in Menu editior, please find the article "Online ordering - Menu Editor"

Customer experience

This is how it will look like on their side:

  • They will need to select the number of guests and the date/hour as usual and then click on Find a table

The new popup window will appear with the Preorder menu.

Your customer can choose to preorder their meal by selecting the items or to skip this step (in case you don't require to preorder)

  • To complete the reservation, the customer will have to:

  • Enter their contact details

  • Choose the payment method for the items they have preordered (payments are being processed via Credit Card or via cash at the restaurant)

  • Click on Complete a reservation

Find preorders in Hostme

This is where the preorder will be visible on the Host panel. Reservations with a preorder will have this little icon on their cards:

When you click on the reservation card, all the details will be listed on the right side of the screen:

Enter a preorder manually

If you are adding a preorder manually, as a host, and if for example, a customer wants to make a preorder over the phone, this is how to do it:

  • Click on a New reservation, select the number of guests, date, hours, as you would for any other reservation

  • In the last step, you will be offered to choose between Fee or Preorder (based on your Deposit and Cancellation fees settings)

  • Select Preorder

  • Click on Select a pre-set menu and select the items as per the customer's request

  • Click on Subtotal in order to confirm

  • Select the Payment method (Pay at pickup, Send invoice, Add credit card)

Note: You can also edit the pre-set menu or mark the order as paid

  • Confirm the reservation

You're all set.

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