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Hostme enables restaurants to post their menu online for the following services:

  • Food delivery

  • Pickup

  • Preorder

But first, you need to create a menu. To do that, please take a look at the video and follow the steps explained below.

To access the menu editor:

  • Go to your Admin panel -> Ordering & Menu -> Menu Editor

You have several sections available:

Products & Categories: A category helps to group similar products together. (Product category example: Soups, Desserts, Drinks, Appetizers, Pizzas, etc)

Taxes: You can set up your tax rates here - optional

Modifiers: If you'd like to add toppings and other additionals to your products, this is where you should do it. Visit this link for more information:

Menus - Different menus can be created for different shifts or purposes. (Pick-up menu, delivery menu, lunch menu, etc.)

Step 1 - Create Product Categories

To add a product category:

  • Click on Add New

  • Click on the arrow on the right to edit the product category

  • Enter the new category name

  • Toggle the button to make it active

To add a new product:

  • Click on Add New

  • Click on the edit icon

  • Enter the new product name

  • Add description (optional)

  • Select the product category

  • Toggle to button ON to make it available

  • Set the different product prices

  • Set additional taxes and delivery fees if needed

  • Add a product picture (also optional)

  • Save the changes

Follow these steps for every product you want to add to this product category.

Important note: Currently, in menus, the only currency symbol available is the $ sign. However, the system is using the currency you defined under Reservations -> Deposits and Fees. So for instance, if you've set up the Currency in Japanese Yen, make sure to set the price amounts adjusted to Japanese Yen even though it shows as a $ sign on your menu.

Step 2 - Create Menus

Now that you've set-up the product categories, you can create your menus. Here is how to do that:

  • Go to Ordering & Menu -> Menu Editor

  • In the Menu section, click on Add New

  • Click on the arrow on the right to edit the new menu

  • Enter the menu name

  • Toggle the button ON to make it available

  • Create a new section by clicking on Add new (We recommend that you use the same names as for your product categories).

  • Scroll down and you can see all the sections available on this menu

  • Click on Add New to add products to each section you created

  • Select the product category

  • Select the products you want to add (Note: You can add products from any categories)

  • Save the changes

The menu has been created.

Step 3 - Make your menus available online

To make your menu available for online ordering

  • Go to Admin Panel -> Ordering & Menu -> Ordering Settings

  • Enable the service you want to use, you can choose between Delivery, Pickup and Preorder. You can enable all of them

  • Select the menu you've created for each type of service (Note: Same menu can be used multiple times)

  • Follow the same steps for each type of service

Step 4 - Add Modifiers (optional)

Step 5 - Set up taxes (if needed)

In order to enable fee collection for online orders, make sure you go to Admin panel -> Reservations -> Deposits and fees. Your Stripe account should be connected to Hostme. Click on Enable fee collection.

You're all set.

Customer's page:

Delivery and Pickup


*For more information on how to setup Preorder, please search for the article - Adding Preorder option to your account

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