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Floor rules

How to adjust table selection and table assignment

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Floor rules allow you to adjust how you would like the tables to be assigned during reservation process.
To adjust Floor rules, go to Admin panel -> Settings -> Floor rules.

1. Table capacity to group size validation
When off, the system allows you to seat a party larger than the table's capacity.
Note: Applies to host/in-house reservations.

2. Seat and reserve groups without table
When on, you can confirm reservations without assigning a table. Note: when switched on, you risk overbooking.
​Note: Applies to host/in-house and online reservations.

3. Table auto-assignment
When on, Hostme will assign the optimal table in the guest’s preferred area. When off, the host will assign the table.
Note: Applies to host/in-house reservations.

We suggest not having all three rules enabled at the same time. First and third rule work great together. The second rule should be enabled in case the first and third one are not necessary.

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