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Change the table to the existing reservation
Change the table to the existing reservation

How to change tables or add more tables to a reservation.

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There are two to change a table in Hostme.

The first one is explained in article Swap tables easily.

Another way to change a table or add more tables to a reservation is explained below.

  • Go to Host panel and click on Reservation panel.

  • Check the date and find the reservation you would like to edit. Click on the reservation.

  • Click Edit button in the Detailed reservation card on the right.

You will see the table that has been assigned to the guest.

In order to change the table you need to click on that table and deselect it and choose

the table you want to assign instead.

Save the changes by clicking the orange checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can also select more than one table based on the number of guests and your settings.

After you close editing wizard, you will see updated table numbers within the reservation card.

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