There are two ways to create direct links for online reservations/waitlists/online ordering, based on your needs.
Your Public page and Instagram version (Public page for Instagram).

These options can be found in Admin Panel -> Online Tools -> Public page.

Option 1: The first direct link is your Public page, the page where your customers

can make their reservations to your restaurant.

You can adjust this page as per your preferences in your Admin Panel -> Online Tools -> Public page.

You can add a description, social media links, add reservation/waitlist/online ordering widgets, etc.

Option 2: The other direct link is related to your Instagram page, you just need

to click on the arrow next to Instagram Version:

You will be getting the Public page of your restaurant for Instagram profiles:

You just need to select the link you prefer and copy/paste on your Instagram page.

To add to your Instagram page, click on Edit Profile in the section "Website".

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