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How to add a party to the waitlist
How to add a party to the waitlist
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For adding a party to the waitlist, first make sure that you've adjusted the settings as per your preferences in Admin Panel -> Waitlist, as shown on the image below.

You can:

  • call table automatically (automatically call customer when table is assigned to a waitlist party)

  • leave the system to assign the table automatically

  • set average wait time

  • choose estimated wait time (explained in settings)

After you've set that up, you go to the floor plan, click on the clock icon in order to access the waitlist and add a new party by clicking on the "+" sign (upper right) or New party (lover right), see the image bellow:

You will see the steps, as shown bellow:

  • add the number of guests

  • choose the seating area

  • select the wait time

  • choose the table (if automated selection is off)

  • choose the guest you want to add

If you wish to send an sms to a party to let them know their table is ready, click on Called button.

There are several statuses that can be added until you seat the client:

  • Called

  • CheckIn

  • Partially Arrived (not all members have arrived)

  • Late

When you click on Seat the party, the customer will disappear from the waitlist section and his assigned table will become BUSY.

You are free to serve the guest.

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