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How to seat a walk-in party
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You have different options to seat a walk-in party.

Option 1

  • On the Table Management panel, select the table on the floor map where you want to seat the party

  • Click on "Book" on the right

  • Select the number of guests

  • Enter the new guest information or select the guest from the list

  • Enter additional information as needed

  • Confirm (orange checkmark on the top right-hand corner)

Option 2

  • From the Table Management panel, click on the "+" icon on the top right-hand corner:

  • Select "Walk-in or Waitlist"

  • Select the number of guests

  • Select any seating area preferences, special requests and then click on "Confirm selected preferences"

  • Select "Seat Now"

  • Select a table (or more to seat all your guests)

  • Confirm by clicking on the orange checkmark on the top right-hand corner

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