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How to assign servers and manage your staff
How to assign servers and manage your staff

Find out about all the ways you can manage servers.

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Servers can be assigned to tables in many ways.

One way is to work in the Server Panel and create server sections,

and then assign the servers to specific sections.

Add new server

Start in the Server Management Panel and select the Add Server icon

in the top right corner.

This will allow you to add the server's name, as well as a photo if you'd like.

You also may add their email but this is not required.

Now the server will be added to the list of serving staff on the right side of the screen.

Add server sections

After that, you will create server sections by selecting the Add Section icon

in the top right.

This will allow you to name the section (Example: Patio 1) and assign a color using the color dropper tool on the left, if you wish.

Select Tables tab in the bottom right corner to choose the tables that should be a part of the new section. Selected tables will turn orange and can be selected and edited at any time.

Complete by clicking the orange checkmark.

Now the section will be added to the drop down menu in the upper right part of the floor plan.

Using the dropdown menu, select the section you'd like to assign, this will allow you to edit the tables and select a server from the list on the right hand side.

Multiple servers can be assigned to a section, and you may unassign servers

by deselecting them.

Changes can be made to the sections and assignments at any time in

the Server management panel.

Server Rotation

In the Table management panel, the coloured circles in the corners of each table

represent the colour of the section, and the initials of the server who has responsibility for the table.
Another important tool will be the Server Rotation tracker in the bottom left corner

of the Table management panel.

This will track which server is set to be seated next, and the rule for rotation can be chosen in Admin panel -> Settings -> Floor Rules:

  • Last seated time (Servers whose last seated table in their section was the longest time ago).

  • Lowest number of parties (Servers with the lowest number of seated parties for that day).

  • Lowest number of tables (Servers with the lowest number of tables assigned to him/her for that day).

  • Lowest number of guests at a given time (Servers who have the lowest number of people seated at that time).

The server with the initials closest to the Server icon will be the next due to be sat.

If a server is sat out of order it will automatically send that server to the end of the line, while keeping track of the order for the rotation. This keeps things fair and easier to manage.

Server statistics

Server stats are also viewable on the Table management panel in the right sidebar list.

Here you can track how busy each server is currently and throughout their shift.

The Table icon is shown next to "the total number of tables currently serving" /

"The total tables within the server's section" (Total served for the shift").

The Guest icon is the same but tracks individual guests rather than the entire table as one. This will help gauge how busy a server has been throughout the shift.

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