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Understand Table management panel
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Go to Table management panel.

You can change the view and switch between different floor plans

or click on "All floors".

When you click on the "+" sign, you can select following options:

  • New Reservation

  • Walk-in or Waitlist

  • Event

  • Order

On the right part of the screen you can see:

  • Upcoming reservations

  • Waitlisted parties

  • Seated parties

  • Closed parties (that have already left the restaurant)

  • Servers

At the bottom left corner you can see which server should get the table next (the one on the left).

Keep in mind that this is just a suggestion (based on Server rotation rule you set up in Admin panel -> settings -> floor rules).

Also, when system automatically assigns tables it doesn't follow the order that Server rotation tracker offers and host is the one that should assign a table to a server that is next in line.

Clock filter allows you to see upcoming reservations (shown on tables) according to:

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