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Table statuses
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Enable table statuses and associate them with an estimated meal’s completion percentage to provide the host with a more accurate table release time.
Having more accurate release times will dramatically increase table utilisation

by reducing the amount of time that a table spends being empty.
It will also improve customer experience by providing guests with a more accurate wait time.

Go to Admin panel -> Settings -> Floor Rules.

Enable or disable Pre-seating Statuses for reservations or waitlist.
By clicking on "Add new" you can add your own pre-seating statuses.

This is what you'll see when you click on a specific reservation.

You can also enable or disable Custom Table Statuses or add new ones that would suit your needs by clicking on "Add new".

This is what you'll see when you click on a specific table/party.

You can also change them by clicking on this arrow:

Circle around table number is telling you how long the party will be staying (depending on Default table turnover time you set up in Floor rules

in the Admin panel).

This is where you can set that up:

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