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Why is seating and releasing tables important?

Reservation analytics and private feedback troubleshoot

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In order for reservation analytics and private feedback to be displayed accurately, hosts must always:

  1. Click Seat button to seat a party.

  2. Click Release table button for each seated party in order to successfully close a reservation.

The system will clear all tables at the end of the day but it will not change reservation status to Closed. Reservations without changed status will have a red exclamation icon next to the time - signaling that they haven't been managed by host:

NOTE: Customers who have Private feedback enabled must close reservations in order to have feedback emails sent to guests after designated time. If the feedback is not visible in Admin panel -> Analytics -> Cover trends, check if reservations have been closed properly in Host panel.

Reservations that have been accepted/created and seated will have Approved status in Analytics reports. Therefore, releasing tables and/or cancelling reservations is necessary.

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