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How to seat, call or cancel a party on the waitlist
How to seat, call or cancel a party on the waitlist

Find out about the different ways you can manage a waitlisted party.

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Once a party has been added to the waitlist, hosts can seat, call or delete them as needed.

Seat a waitlisted party

To seat a party, go to the Waitlist panel and select a name on the list. You will see the time they've been waiting for the table so far and the expected seat time. There are the Seat and Called buttons below each entry in the right sidebar of the screen.

Important: The customer will receive a text message and email notification depending on your settings and pre-seat status changes as well as Reopen button action.

Another way to quickly view waitlisted parties is by selecting the Clock icon in the bottom right corner of the Table Management panel sidebar.

When the guest is ready to be seated press the Seat button.

Release button will appear and the system will mark the table as occupied, begin tracking the flow of service and the timer for the average table turnover.

The previously seated guest will be moved from the Waitlist to Seated column in the right sidebar for further table management.

Call the waitlisted party

A host can also call the selected guest first by clicking the blue Called button.
There are different pre-seat statuses to choose from the dropdown menu or add custom ones in Admin panel -> Floor rules. These statuses can help hosts track and organize parties and the floor.

Click the Seat button when the party is ready or manage the party depending on their status.

Important: Make sure to release tables in order for the system to properly create history and statistics. To find out more, click here.

Cancel a waitlisted party

If a guest does not show when called or notifies staff that they wish to be removed from the waitlist, the host will find their name on the list, select it and click the Three dots button next to the Edit button. Choose the Delete action from the dropdown menu.

Confirm the action of removing them from the waitlist by selecting a reason.

If you have released tables or removed waitlisted parties properly, they will be displayed in the Closed tab in the right sidebar of the Table Management panel as well as in guest history and your analytics reports.

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