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Where to find closed or cancelled reservations? (New design)
Where to find closed or cancelled reservations? (New design)

Where and how to find closed, cancelled or no-show reservations

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Sometimes, you'll cancel a reservation or seat it at a table by mistake. You will also like to have quick access to closed/cancelled/no-show or rejected reservations.

To find them quickly, go to Reservations panel and enable Show hidden toggle for the desired date or date range. They will appear as greyed out as opposed to active reservations.

1. Closed reservations will have a checkmark icon on the left. These are reservations that were seated and closed by host.

2. Cancelled reservations will have cross out icon on the left including a Cancelled note.

3. No-show reservations will have cross out eye icon for reservations/waitlist groups including the cancelation reason due to no-show.

4. All other cancelations including rejected reservations (manual approval enabled), custom reasons for canceling and deleted waitlist groups will have a cross out but not greyed out icon as this is related to host actions only.

For a detailed description of new mini reservation card design, click here.

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