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How to create your floor plans & add tables
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To add the floor map go to Admin Panel -> Floor plan and click on Add new.

Name the floor plan.

Double click on the floor plan you created and add the tables as per your preferences. The best option is to simply replicate the look of your restaurant.

You can have many areas on one floor plan, for example 1st floor -> Inside and Terrace Area.

Drag and drop the tables and adjust the settings.

You can adjust:

  • Table size

  • Table number

  • Select the Area the table belongs to

  • Add barriers/walls

  • Add text

  • Enable online reservations for a specific table

  • Set min and max party size that can be seated at the table

  • Set the deposit amount if the deposit is required and set per table (Another option is to go to Admin Panel -> Reservations -> Deposits and Fees and set deposit per group size)

You've successfully created a floor plan.

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