If you want to take some quick changes about your restaurant setup, Dashboard (Alpha) offers you a few options:

Availability restrictions

You can quickly close your restaurant for online reservations for the day or close it until a given time for that day

To do so, you need to toggle "on" the Restrictions button and select the option that works better for you:

This rule only applies to the current day. In case you want to close online reservations for more than one day, please check the article - Exceptions.

Reset server rotation

You can also reset your server rotation setting. That means that you can select a different server rotation rule in Floor Rules settings (image below)

reset the current rotations and start over

Unseat all tables

You can also release all tables at once by following these steps:

  • Check all seated tables and make sure that all these guests have left their tables:

  • Click Unseat all:


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