The Guestbook is where the restaurant will save and compile all the guest data that is added when a guest in entered through a reservation request, added to the waitlist or when sat at a table.

This information can be viewed in the Guestbook Panel.

The guestbook can be sorted by choosing from the options along the top row.

The options are Name, Total number of visits, to the date of the last visit.

The contact information can be exported via CSV file by selecting the Export icon

at the top right.

If you have a CSV file of guest information you would like to input into your Hostme system, just contact our support staff and we can help you.

At the top right corner you will also see the Search icon and Add New Customer Icons.

Using the Search icon, input the customer's name or phone number and you will be able to look up specific customer information linked to Reservations and Waitlist.

Using the Add New Customer Icon, you can add new customer information without creating a reservation or adding to the waitlist.

From the Guestbook Panel, you can select a guest and view the customer information as well as the guest history. You may also edit or delete the customer information from this point.

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