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How to manage the Guestbook

Find out more about Guestbook options and settings.

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The Guestbook is where the restaurant will save and compile all the guest data that is added when a guest in entered through a reservation request, added to the waitlist or when sat at a table. This information can be viewed and filtered in the Guestbook panel.

Sorting and filtering the Guestbook

The Guestbook can be sorted and filtered by clicking the View settings icon in the upper left corner of the left sidebar.

There is a variety of sorting and filter options to choose from.

Example: When sorted by Total visits, you will see the results by clicking through guest entries in the left sidebar list.

Search guests

At the top right corner you will also see the Search icon.

Using the Search icon, type a guest's name or phone number and you will be able to look up specific guest information as well as to see if they're in the upcoming, seated, waitlist, canceled or closed section.

Add new guest

In the same section as Search button, you will find Add New Guest icon. This is where you can add new guest information without creating a reservation or adding to the waitlist.

From the Guestbook Panel, you can select a guest and view the guest information as well as the guest history. You may also edit or delete the guest information from this point.

Export Guestbook file

To obtain a spreadsheet file by exporting the Guestbook, select the Export Guestbook icon.

Import existing guestbook file to Hostme

If you'd like to import an existing guestbook .csv file to Hostme Guestbook, feel free to reach out to or our live chat support for additional assistance.

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