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How to add a new guest

Learn about the different ways to add a new guest to Hostme.

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New guests can be added to the system when prompted to be sat as a walk-in guest, when added to the waitlist or as a reservation or directly to the Guestbook.

When adding to be sat or added to the waitlist, or a reservation the system will prompt the host to input the information at the end of the process in this screen:

The only information required will be the name and phone number but additional information can be very useful and saved for future visits.

  • Internal visit notes and Special requests will be saved just for this specific dining experience.

  • Table preferences and Notes about guest will be saved as information for future visits as well.

There are then a selection of customizable icons to be selected that will remain in guest's profile.

There are also fields for additional information (business details, important dates and requirements) that can be useful to be used to better identify return customers and enhance guest experience.

These details will be saved in the Guestbook panel, and can be updated and edited at anytime. Once entered, guests are searchable by name or phone number.

If you would like to add new guest information to the Guestbook without creating a reservation or seating the guest, select the Add New Guest icon in the upper right corner of the Guestbook panel.

To find out how to export your Guestbook, click here.

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