In order to activate this feature, go to:
And download the app first. You will need an android phone with at least 8.1 version

There are a few Hostme applications for the phone, the difference is explained below (left to right):

  1. icon - Restaurant app
  2. icon - Guest app
  3. icon SMS communication app

You need to go to Marketplace and connect enable Send and Receive SMS

Click on Connect

Open the app on the phone and login with your Hostme credentials:

Choose your restaurant from the dropdown menu

  • Show caller ID is for the feature Who is calling
  • Send messages on behalf of - for Send and Receive SMS

(you can choose both in case you want to use Who is calling feature as well - check instruction "Who is calling?")


Your app is running now

  • Go to Reservations
  • Add a new reservation and make sure you added his phone number too.
  • Once you add the reservation, the client will receive the confirmation sms.

You will get a new sms notification in your app (and your phone as well)

You will be able to see the details in the chat box with the client.
If you open the box, you can send additional messages and see the whole covnersation with the client:

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