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How to use Hostme on a smartphone (for restaurants)
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In order to manage your Hostme application from your phone, you first need

to install the app.

Go to Play store and Install Hostme app, the store is going to offer two applications, one is for the restaurant management (on the left) and the other one is for the customers only (on the right).

Login to the app with your account credentials.

You will be seeing the same interface in the app as on desktop comuputer.

You can adjust your settings from the phone easily.

Go to your Table Management panel, check current reservations/waitlists,

or use the filter in order to see what might be of your interest (other date/time,

group size, etc).

Click on the plus on the right upper corner to add a new reservation/walkin etc.

Select the number of guests and add the rest of the details that are required

(date, time, table, client's name, deposit) and save the changes.

You can access all the settings as on your desktop application on your computer.

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