If you want to keep track of the sources of the reservations you are receiving, we have it covered for you!

There are only a few things you need to do in order to have this option available.

  1. You need to ask the tech team to provide you the link for campaigns. Here is an example: https://tables.hostmeapp.com/restaurants/2033?utm_source=hostme&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=moscow-promo-1

As you can see, the last part of the link contains the campaign name.

2. The only thing you should do once you get the link from the tech team is to add the campaign name after = sign.


If you are working with different promoters, you can name the campaign by the name of the promoter. In that way, you'll be able to see which reservation came in through each promoter.

Example: https://tables.hostmeapp.com/restaurants/2033?utm_source=hostme&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=Mima

You can track the source by clicking on each reservation, 3 dots, History

3. Use this link for your promoters or on your Booking pages.

You're all set.

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