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How to set up Table combinations
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When you plan to accept parties that are larger than your biggest table capacity, you might consider using Table combinations option.

There are three options that we currently offer:

1. Setting up table combinations yourself

  • click on Floor plan and then on the number next to Combinations

  • click on Add new

  • specify which tables you want to combine by clicking on table numbers

  • choose what would be the minimum and maximum number of covers for that specific combination

  • save changes at the bottom right corner of the screen

2. Allowing automatic table combinations

3. Having the system take into account both previously set up table combinations and automatic combinations

If automatic combinations are OFF – We will automatically select combinations of tables for a big group from the list above. If there are no suitable combinations, the reservation will be declined.

If automatic combinations are ON – At first, there will be attempts to use combinations from the list above, and if it's impossible, tables auto-assign next.

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