Manual approval and recommended settings
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Online reservations can be managed with Manual approval mode.

To enable manual approval, go to Admin panel -> Reservations -> Online reservations tab.

There are three modes:

1. None (default). All online reservations will be automatically confirmed.

2. Manual approval. A reservation must be approved manually in Approval required tab by host before being confirmed to the guest. Depending on approval/rejection, guest will be notified.

3. Review. Approval is not required. New reservation notification in Reservations panel will stay under New Online tab until it has been opened by host. Once opened, it will be moved and displayed among existing reservations.

Recommended settings for Manual approval

If minimum and maximum party size is set as 1-10

while maximum number of guests for auto approval is set to 2,

the system will allow a party of 1 or 2 to be approved automatically.

Parties that have 3-10 guests will be sent to the Approval required tab for manual approval.

To have all reservations manually approved, the recommended setting is 1.

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