In order to always control the total number of guests present inside the restaurant at the same time, we have added a cover counter feature.

It will give you a clear overview of your current number of covers and show you the Total Cover Limit you've set in Cover Pacing.

In case you've reached the total cover limit you've set, you will get the following notification when you click on the cover counter:

By clicking on this feature, you will also get a detailed list of:

  • Seated guests

  • Upcoming reservations

  • Customers on the waitlist

  • Cover limit set

In case your Total Cover Limit is set to "unlimited", this feature will show the total number of covers in the restaurant and what is the restaurant's current availability.

The number of current covers takes into account upcoming reservations. That means that the number of covers for each slot will be different, depending on your current availability.

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