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Cover counter feature

Keep track of floor plan capacity in real time.

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If you prefer to have control over the total number of guests/covers inside the restaurant at the same time, you will find the cover counter feature useful.

The cover counter provides a clear overview of your current number of covers and shows the Total Cover Limit you've set in Admin panel -> Availability -> Cover Pacing.

In case you've reached the total cover limit you will see the following notification after clicking the cover counter:

Based on currently selected time, you will see a detailed list of:

  • Currently seated guests

  • Upcoming reservations

  • Customers on the waitlist

  • Total Cover Limit

In case your Total Cover Limit is set to unlimited, the counter will show the total number of covers in the restaurant and the restaurant's current availability.

The number of current covers takes into account upcoming reservations. That means that the number of covers for each slot will be different depending on your current availability.

Important note: The cover counter includes the table turnover table time which means that the reservation will be factored in the counter before the exact time of the reservation, counting the turnover table time you've set in order to avoid any potential overbooking.

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